No Appointment needed for Oil Change!

Schedule Automotive Service and Repairs in Corpus Christi

Scheduling a service appointment can be a hassle. You have to take time out of your day to call a service center that may or may not answer. Then, you have to go back and forth with the person over the phone to find a time and date that works with your schedule. Finally, you must describe in detail what the problem is or what service you are requesting. There just has to be an easier way! That is why our team at Lithia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Corpus Christi wants to be sure that you know all about our easy to use online scheduling system.

  • Convenient scheduling
  • Parts are ready for your service
  • Easy to fill out online forms

Convenient Scheduling

With online scheduling, you are easily able to see what time slots are available without having to pick up the phone. This way, you can schedule an appointment on your own time as opposed to being restricted to only scheduling during operating hours of the service center. Additionally, you will be able to easily select what type of service you are requesting for your Port Lavaca excursions.

Ensure Correct Auto Parts are Available

When you schedule online for a service appointment, the service center can then see what parts your car may require and be sure to have them in stock. This helps to avoid costly delays in the event that authentic auto parts would need to be ordered and brought in from far away, saving you time and stress.

Easy to Fill Out Online Forms

Instead of trying to convey your messages over the phone, you are able to easily and clearly fill out pre-generated online forms which allow you to select from existing issues or write a quick note that the service center can have on file to reference at a later time.

There are so many benefits to scheduling your service appointments online that it is a wonder that more dealerships in the Aransas Pass area haven't already made the switch. It's simple, easy, and saves you a ton of time. If you need to save even more time, consider our express lane services. Make your way to our auto repair center near Victoria or Kingsville for your routine maintenance.