Out of all the cargo vans that are in society today, the Ram ProMaster is a standout. This remarkable automobile has been built to perform at the highest of levels. Ram also offers this cargo van in multiple trim levels.

The Ram ProMaster comes equipped with a powerful and efficient engine. This engine just so happens to be a V6 PENTASTAR, and it's very efficient for its size. With 260 pound-feet of torque, you can tow large amounts of dead weight that can range up to 5,000 pounds. Thanks to the van's versatility, the standard wheelbase is listed at 118 inches. The extended wheelbase is listed at 159 inches. The vehicle's chassis is also rugged and strong. Workers can stack, load and carry a number of objects into this van with relative ease.

There you have it. We want cargo van enthusiasts to swing by our showroom for a first-hand look at the Ram ProMaster.

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