What does it take to make a successful advertisement?
Really, it's not too hard. Simply take one reality television star, combine with a vehicle that ranks near the top of its segment (according to Car and Driver), and then add three cute, precocious children.
Throw in one onboard vacuum cleaner for good measure. Success is guaranteed.
In this case, Jack Osborne may not have been the reality TV star you had in mind, but the vehicle -- Chrysler's all-new minivan, the 2017 Pacifica -- and the three kids involved are superstar quality.
Already number two in its class, the Pacifica is fast making a name for itself. And with its great looks and outstanding onboard amenities, it likely won't be long before Chrysler's minivan claims the top spot.
And while the three talented children nearly steal the scene, Jack does a great job maintaining his composure throughout. Enjoy all the fun of this advertisement and then swing through our showroom to try the Pacifica on for size.
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