Take a Historical Look at Horsepower

If you're looking into buying a new vehicle, you will likely ask about horsepower. Learning about the horsepower of a vehicle is a great way to learn about the power of the engine. You can discover a lot about a new truck, car or SUV simply by asking about the horsepower. As a general rule, you should buy as much horsepower as your budget will allow. This will help assure you that your vehicle will be able to perform all the tasks you want it to.

Back in the eighteenth century, most people relied on horses for everything from transportation to manual labor. In fact, that is where the term horsepower originated. James Watt, the famous inventor, engineer and innovator, wanted to sell a new steam engine he had developed. There were several older models of steam engines on the market, but none of them came close to the performance of his new model.

He wanted to prove to his client base that his new machine would be able to perform as well as their horses in the mine. To accomplish this, Watt observed horses as they worked hauling coal. He was able to measure that the work horses could move thirty-three thousand pounds of coal in sixty seconds at a distance of twelve inches.

Armed with this new unit of measurement, Watt was able to convince the mine owners that his new machine would be of value to them. Visit Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Corpus Christi to see how horsepower can be valuable to you.

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