Reviewers Discover the Surprising Refinement of the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

Where the majority of Jeep models are renowned for their comfort on-road, and capability off it, the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk brings new elements to the equation. Off-road equipment has been nixed in favor of hardcore performance gear to help manage the 707 horsepower, 5,363 lb. SUV. The result is addictive acceleration, performance thrills, and all the control to keep it manageable.

Between the changes to the supercharged HEMI under the hood, the Trackhawk also packs all-wheel drive, and the largest brake rotors ever fitted to one of the brand’s models. The result are performance specs better than some sport sedans—some that even seem to buck the laws of physics. Standstill-to-sixty is a 3.5-second affair, with nary a hint of wheel spin off the line, and a 114-foot stopping distance. While you won’t want to take the Trackhawk on the trails, its Selec-Terrain system has been padded with Track and Sport options, while off-road functions have been removed.

Want to get more information about the Trackhawk, including how to order one? Contact our Jeep model dealership in Corpus Christi, TX, and touch base with one of our sales representatives.

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