Then and Now, RAM Trucks Are Built to Last (Lynda’s Story)

When you think of durability, you might be thinking of the more “short term” definition. In the case of RAM Truck like the 1500, that definition extends far beyond when most owners keep their trucks. Take Lynda, for example, who’s 1997 model has lasted for 600,000 miles with its original engine and transmission.

You can learn all about Lynda’s passion for her 1500 in the video above. Be advised, this isn’t a case of “they don’t make em’ like they used to.” In fact, RAM makes sure a long-lasting relationship is guaranteed for those who want to own their truck in the long-term. Class-leading warranties are just the beginning. The high-strength steel frame of the 1500 boasts eight tough crossmembers, and can handle 50,000 psi. With regular maintenance, looking down at your 2017 1500’s odometer fifteen years from now and finding a bit “400,000 mi” is far from out of the question.

With nine models, three cabs and beds, and numerous configurations, it might look like a tough choice. Luckily, you have the sales team at our RAM Trucks dealership in Corpus Christi, TX to help you out. Contact our showroom to get the ball rolling.

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